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T-MISS PLUS QUEEN (limited quantity)


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Sales start from March 22nd!

Standard design in SAVE MY BAG

Here, the bag itself, the ribbon, and the color of the handle are all different designs.

The size fits A4 size, but since it has a zipper, it can be stored if you put it in at an angle. Can be washed by hand, has an inner pocket, and the ribbon can be removed and replaced. You can also use it as a shoulder bag by attaching a strap (sold separately). (Use the strap through the loop, not the ribbon.)

[Size]: Width 340 x Height 290 x Depth 180mm M size

[Weight]: 380g

[Accessories]: Instruction manual *Included only at authorized dealers

[Country of origin]: Italy

*Be sure to attach the strap to the loop, not directly through the ribbon string. (It may cause the fabric to peel off.)

⇀Check here for where to attach the strap

* Click here to purchase a gift bag

*All products are made of Poly-Fabric with Lycra® (50% polystyrene, 40% polyamide, 10% polyurethane). The material has excellent elasticity and does not easily lose its shape.

*The image above is a sample image. (Different from the ordered product.)

*There may be creases due to import from overseas or storage in a warehouse. This will decrease over time as you use it. Thank you for your understanding.

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