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Welcome to the colorful world of SAVE MY BAG JAPAN -SAVE MY BAG Official Mail Order-

About copy products

Born in Bergamo, Italy in 2013 , SAVE MY BAG has quickly become one of the leading BAG brands . Currently, SAVE MY BAG is loved in over 60 countries around the world.

For that reason, unfortunately, copies have also started to appear on the market. Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries about whether the site or shop where we purchased is a regular store. There are also so-called parallel products on the internet, where you don't know which overseas supplier you purchased from.

In order to sell SAVE MY BAG in Japan, we have contracted with Italian company SEDICISEI as the sole importer in Japan. And we always give you a warranty (at the time of BAG purchase) as proof that the product has passed inspection in Japan.

For customers who have purchased from authorized Japanese retailers, we are especially committed to providing after-sales service so that customers can live with SAVE MY BAG with peace of mind.

In order to use SAVE MY BAG with peace of mind, we recommend that you check with a Japanese authorized retailer and whether or not there is a warranty before purchasing.

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