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Welcome to the colorful world of SAVE MY BAG JAPAN -SAVE MY BAG Official Mail Order-


How to care for and use the bag

- Both SAVE MY BAG and SMB are made of extremely light and soft materials, so putting too many heavy items such as a laptop in them may cause the fabric to stretch and lead to frayed threads or tears.

-The fabric is not wetsuit material.

・It is not waterproof.

・You can hand wash it in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Do not use a washing machine as it may cause the fabric to tear. Drain off the water and dry thoroughly in the shade.

-Ballpoint pen ink cannot be removed.

- Waterproof spray may cause deterioration and discoloration of the fabric.

- Do not iron or place near heat sources.

- SATIN is a more delicate material than regular products and is more prone to staining. If it does get stained, simply hand wash it in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent.

Due to the material and sewing, there may be excess threads sticking out from the seams, or the threads may fray with use. In the unlikely event that fraying does occur, we will repair it.

・If any threads are frayed, please have it repaired as soon as possible. The repair cost varies depending on the degree of damage to the fabric. Continuing to use the item as is may cause the fabric to tear.

- There may be creases due to importing from overseas and storing in warehouses. These will decrease over time with use.

*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for this reason. Thank you for your understanding.


・Do not remove magnetic or snap buttons by pulling the handles, as this will stretch the entire fabric and may damage the button or fabric.

(MISS series)

- Do not attach the strap to the ribbon. Make sure to hang it through the ribbon passage on the side.

- Attaching it to a ribbon may cause the fabric to peel off.

-The strength will increase if you apply it in both places.


・Rhinestones (including wire parts) are made of very delicate materials, so they may fall off or break due to friction, snagging, or impact. Please be especially careful not to snag them on your clothes. Rhinestones cannot be attached or repaired.

- The rhinestones on the edge of the bag may not be aligned, but this is not a defect.


・The bamboo handle is made of natural bamboo, so the arch may gradually open over time. When storing, tie the bamboo from both sides with rubber bands or string.

・The screws that secure the handle metal fittings may become loose with use. If they become loose, please tighten them again with a screwdriver.

・The bamboo part cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, please wash the Lycra part.

The metal fittings for the joints are sold for 550 yen each (tax included).

*Shipping will be by Nekopos (shipping fee: 350 yen).

*Payment must be made by bank transfer. (Any bank transfer fees will be borne by the customer.)


・The links of the chain strap can be removed by matching the slits. In rare cases, the slits may come together and the strap may come off during use, but this is not a defect in the product. Thank you for your understanding.

- If you make sure the holes in the links are facing the same direction, they will be less likely to come off.

[About repairs]

Please bring it to our store or the store where you purchased it, or contact us in advance and send it directly to us.

-At SAVE MY BAG , our products are repaired by professional craftsmen so that you can use them with peace of mind.

・If you purchase your bag from an authorized dealer, you will receive the following warranty card along with the bag.

*Some products, such as accessories and pouches, are not included.

-The repairs include poor stitching and missing parts.

・Repairs for peeling fabric on the bag itself are not eligible for repairs. (Repairs for ribbons are possible.)

・If you have a warranty, please keep it in a safe place as it will qualify for preferential treatment on repair costs.

[Genuine Japanese product warranty included] *Sale and outlet products are not covered by the 3-month free warranty.

  • Free support within 3 months of purchase
  • After 3 months

3,300 yen or 6,600 yen (tax included )

[No warranty] *Parallel products, etc.

  9,900 yen (tax included )

●The metal fittings at the joints of bamboo totes are sold for 550 yen each (tax included).

[Repair process]

1. Repair reception

Please let us know your enquiry details by email or phone.
We will inform you of the estimated repair cost and the period of time the device will be kept.

2. Repair acceptance

Send the product to us. (If there is a warranty, please be sure to include it.)

*You can also bring it directly to our directly managed stores or the store where you purchased it.

*Shipping charges must be paid in advance on both sides.

3. Estimate

When the product arrives at our company, the repair receptionist will
We will inform you of the official repair details, fees, and period of time the product will be kept.

*Please note that depending on the condition, repairs may not be possible.

4. Repair work

Once you have agreed to the terms of the instructions, we will begin repairs.
We will carefully repair your precious items.

5. Delivery of Products

We will contact you once the repairs are completed.

You can pay for the repairs by bank transfer or cash on delivery.
Each fee must be borne by the customer.

※Bank transfer account

[Transfer account] Bank of Okinawa [Branch name] Miyako Branch [Account number] Regular account: 1841780
[Account name] K) Rui Collection

*COD fee: ¥330