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Welcome to the colorful world of SAVE MY BAG JAPAN -SAVE MY BAG Official Mail Order-

About SMB

SAVE MY BAG was founded in 2013 by Valentina Azzia and Stefano Agazzi in Italy. It was originally used as a luxury cover bag to "protect" bags.

SAVE MY BAG has achieved international success thanks to its Italian style and design. The bags are designed, produced and sourced in Italy, starting with the fabrics. Steph puts her heart and soul into every step of the design, planning, sales and production process.

SAVE MY BAG is an example of an Italian brand that has achieved international success in just four years. The brand is distributed in over 60 countries, with 30 flagship stores and over 15,000 boutiques in the world's major capitals and most exclusive resort destinations, and continues to expand worldwide.


SAVE MY BAG is made in our factory in Bergamo, Italy.
We offer handbags, small items, and accessories in the vivid colors that are unique to Italy at attractive prices.

Save My Bag is made of a unique material called poly-lycra, which is elastic, chic, and very light. And if it gets dirty, you can wash it by hand.