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Welcome to the colorful world of SAVE MY BAG JAPAN -SAVE MY BAG Official Mail Order-


■ About payment

Please find all acceptable payment methods below.

cash on delivery / bank transfer / credit payment / convenience store prepayment /

Rakuten Pay *1/ atone (pay next month at a convenience store)*2 / Amazon Pay/PayPay

[Cash-on-delivery fee (paid by customer)] *Tax-included price

Less than 33,000 yen・・・fee 330 yen

Less than 110,000 yen・・・550 yen fee

Less than 330,000 yen・・・Fee 880 yen

Bank transfer fee (customer burden)

*1 For details of Rakuten Pay service, please see the Rakuten Pay official page .

*2 What is atone (next month payment at convenience stores)? You will receive an invoice for payment at the beginning of the following month.
Please pay at the convenience store by the 20th.
Earn 1 point for every 200 yen, and points that can be used for shopping at atone.
For service details, please see the atone official page .
◆How to use No paperwork is required. Select atone when you select your payment method, enter your information, and proceed with your purchase.
◆Method of payment Please use the invoice on the postcard and pay at the convenience store.
You can change to the following payment methods with the atone smartphone app.
・Loppi / Famiport (convenience store)
・Automatic withdrawal (account transfer)
◆Notes ・There is no settlement fee ・A billing fee of 99 yen (including tax) will be charged only for the month of use.

■ About delivery

Choice of shipping
・You can select the desired delivery date.
・Confirmation of order, notification of delivery date, shipment, etc. will be basically the next business day. please note that.
・If the desired delivery date is left blank, we will ship as soon as possible.

・We use Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. as a delivery company.
・We may not be able to meet the customer's request due to the schedule of the order and other circumstances.
・For the final delivery date, please check the email sent from the shop.

・Normally, orders placed by noon on the same day will be shipped today (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), and orders after that will be shipped the next day. In the case of back-ordered products, it may take time.

In addition, we will deliver the product to the customer by shipping the product from the EC site and by shipping the product from each SAVE MY BAG directly managed store .

Due to inventory, it may be shipped in two shipments.

In addition, even if it is divided into two flights, the shipping fee will be the shipping fee for one flight.

"home delivery"

Various bags and pouches will be delivered by courier service.

Nationwide ¥660 (tax included) *Hokkaido and Okinawa ¥1,320 (tax included)

Free shipping for purchases over ¥11,000 (tax included)

*For Hokkaido and Okinawa, a separate charge of 660 yen (including tax) will be charged.

■ Consumption tax

The product price includes tax.

■ About product availability

Since the products in the online shop are linked with the stores, it may be out of stock after ordering or purchasing.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, but we kindly ask for your understanding.

■ About gift wrapping

Our online shop does not accept gift wrapping.

* Usually, we will ship it in a non-woven fabric.

*If you would like a gift bag, please purchase it from the page below as it is sold separately.

[Gift bag purchase page]

■ About returns

*Please read before contacting us regarding returns or exchanges.

Pouches, straps, masks, charms, gift bags, SALE products, and OUTLET products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

We may not accept returns or payments.

○ If the product is scratched or soiled by the customer, there is evidence of use

○ If you contact us after 7 days from the arrival of the product

○If the item is returned without contacting us in advance

○ If the product tag is removed

○Products that have not been purchased directly from our store

* Please note that the color and texture of the product may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your browser, monitor, etc.

*There may be creases due to import from overseas or storage in a warehouse. This will decrease over time as you use it. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please note that the position and design of the brand tag may differ depending on the time of arrival.

■ Regarding product damage, stains, and mistakes

Please contact us by phone or e-mail within 7 days from the arrival of the product , and we will ship the non-defective product after the product arrives .

*If there is no stock, we may not be able to exchange it. In addition, we will bear the shipping fee to deliver the exchanged product .

■ About returning products

Please fill in your "name", "address" and "contact information" and return it to us within one week.

■ Delivery of replacement products

As soon as the product arrives, we will ship the replacement product.

For items that are not in stock, we will refund the full amount if we are unable to deliver.

■ When the product is damaged or damaged due to an accident during delivery

・Please contact us within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product.

・We will bear the shipping cost and deliver a new product as soon as possible.

・In that case, please note that we will contact you directly from our contracted shipping company. *Items that are out of stock cannot be exchanged and will be refunded. We will bear the fees for this.

■ About returns and exchanges due to customer convenience

You will be responsible for the return/exchange fee (*1).

Please contact us by phone or e-mail within 7 days after the product arrives , and within 10 days, return it with the unused tag attached , prepaid shipping , and deduct a handling fee of 1,100 yen (including tax) for the return from the product price. We will refund you or exchange it for another product.

* If there is an additional fee for the exchange, it will be paid by cash on delivery or bank transfer. (Please note that the customer will be responsible for the handling fee.)

* We will bear the shipping fee to deliver the exchanged product .

*Refunds and exchanges will be processed as soon as we have confirmed the returned product and the handling fee.

■ Refund method

1) Customers ordering by cash on delivery or bank transfer

After deducting the return fee of 1,100 yen (including tax) from the product price, we will transfer the amount to the customer's account. *Transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

2) Customers ordering by credit card

We will change the amount of the credit card that paid the return fee of 1,100 yen (tax included) and transfer the fee to our account. Cancel the credit payment after confirming the payment. If the payment cannot be canceled by the credit company, we will transfer the amount of 1,100 yen (including tax) charged to the customer's account.

3) Customers who ordered by convenience store prepayment / Amazon pay

Please transfer the handling fee of 1,100 yen (including tax) to our account, and we will handle your order after confirming the payment.

* About fees for returns

We will charge 1,100 yen (tax included) as a handling fee for returns, including shipping costs and credit card transaction fees .

■ Contact information

Please contact us by email or phone below.


TEL: 0798-75-4400


Reception hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.)

Inquiries by e-mail outside of reception hours will be responded to on the next business day.

*We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to contact us as it will also affect the speedy processing.

Search result preview FAQ ■Payment Payment methods are as follows. Cash on delivery/Bank transfer/Credit payment/Convenience store prepayment/Amazon pay/NP deferred payment atone (pay next month at convenience store) *1 Note: If you wish to pay by credit card with JCB, please select [KOMOJU] on the payment screen. . [Cash-on-delivery fee (paid by customer)] *Price excluding tax Less than 30,000 yen Fee 300 yen Less than 100,000 yen Fee 500 yen Less than 300,000 yen Fee 800 yen Bank transfer fee (paid by customer) *1 atone (Next month's payment at convenience stores) is a next month's payment that can be used immediately. You will receive an invoice for payment at the beginning of the following month. Please pay at the convenience store by the 20th. 1 point for every 200 yen, buy atone… Show / Hide Show / Hide Publish (published on 2017/10/21 3:55 JST) Hide Set publish date Template Select a template to use for this page. template page page send