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JAL limited bag

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Posted on September 09 2019

Hello everyone.

The hot days are still continuing, isn't it?

Please take care of your physical condition.

Well, today is a very happy announcement!

From September, we will be selling a limited SAVE MY BAG bag for in-flight sales on JAL domestic flights. (September-October issue)

The bag to be sold this time is PETITE MISS, which is popular for its small size and feminine design. The color is popular TURTLE (graige) and RABAT (yellow) where the ribbon part is the focal point of coordination. Because this is a JAL exclusive design, it is a product that can only be obtained through JAL in-flight sales.


SIZE: About 23cm long x 26cm wide x 13cm wide

It is a bag that can be hidden in a suitcase and enjoy even more fashion while traveling.

By all means, when traveling, use JAL flights☆