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Posted on June 02 2023

Introducing our new product "T-PETITE JUMBO"

The popular JUMBO series now comes in a compact PETITE size.



SIZE: Width 260 x Height 230 x Depth 130mm

PRICE: ¥20,900 (tax included)

Same color T-STRAPS included

Available in five colors: CAPPUCCINO, POLLEN (yellow), TAHITI (pink), KISS (red), and JET BLACK (black).

I put my keys in the front pocket, my air pots case and glasses in the side pocket, and my cell phone in the back pocket.

It's convenient to have a pocket where you can put things in quickly, such as when shopping.

Also, this bag comes with T-STRAPs of the same color, so you can wear it cross-body or over your shoulder.

Now on sale at our directly managed stores.