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Posted on November 17 2023

Hello everyone.

New autumn and winter items are arriving one after another, but today we would like to introduce "T-CARGO," which is popular with people of all ages.

T-CARGO CAPPUCCINO S272CAP ¥20,900(tax included)

We often receive comments about this bag such as, "It has a wide opening and just the right depth, making it really easy to put things in and take them out!"

Our staff also love it, and there are many things we like about it, such as the perfect size for everyday use and the thick straps that provide excellent stability. It's a bag that gets us compliments♥

There are pockets on the front and back; I use the front for small items like keys and the back for my cell phone.

This is the capacity.

Wallet (long wallet OK), cell phone, pouch, card case, glasses

If you are traveling, we recommend a large bag (such as a WEEKENDER ) + CARGO.