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Posted on January 24 2024

Valentine's Day is coming soon♡

At this time of year, you'll see a lot of cute goods as well as chocolates.

This time, we will introduce some pink bags that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Be sure to check it out as a reward to yourself.

BACK PACK JUMBO TAHITI S276TAH ¥29,700(tax included)

A rare backpack in vibrant pink

The initial stock is limited, so if you're interested, check it out early.

T-MARGOT TAHITI S271TAH ¥23,100(tax included)

MARGOT is popular for its round, feminine design.

It is a 2-way design with a chain.

T-PETITE MISS TAHITI S203TAH ¥16,500(tax included)

The most popular design is "PETITE MISS," which is large enough to fit a wallet, cell phone, and pouch.

T-MISSY TAHITI S241TAH ¥16,500(tax included)

A mini-sized shoulder bag that will come in handy in the coming warmer seasons

If the chain is not long enough, an extension is useful.

Pink bags come in many variations

Find a design you like.