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White Trade Show☆

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Posted on September 27 2018

Hello everyone.

Thank you for visiting our official blog.

Today, I would like to introduce the [White Trade Show] that was held in Milan the other day.

[White Trade Show] is an international joint exhibition held in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week. The exhibition, sponsored by the City of Milan, is attended by more than 500 brands and attracts more than 25,000 visitors each time. SAVE MY BAG exhibited at this exhibition .

At this exhibition, new designs and new colors are introduced.

3 patterns from animal patterns that are popular every fall and winter season

●Leopard print

● Python pattern

●Tiger pattern

All of them can be mistaken for real leather!

Repost @schall.claudia

Besides that, bags with zippers that are perfect for commuting to work or school, yoga bags, etc. were also exhibited.

I'm looking forward to seeing which products will be available in the future★

In addition, we will inform you of the details of the arrival at any time.