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How to attach CHARM

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Posted on July 06 2022

The hot days are continuing, isn't it?

Every day, my body can't keep up with the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors, and I tend to get tired. I have to be careful not to lose my physical condition.

Today, we heard that you would like to know how to attach the charm to your bag, so I will explain that.

There are two types of charms: rectangular LETTTERS and round WORLD CHARM. Both attachments are the same.

Click here for the LETTERS sales page

Click here for WORLD CHARM sales page

The ribbon part of T-MISS PLUS and T-MISS WEEKENDER PLUS can be removed, so if you remove the ribbon and pass the charm through, you can easily attach it without damaging the fabric. First, let me show you how to put it on.


Remove the Velcro on the ribbon part of the bag, and pass the ribbon through the hole at the bottom of the charm.


Since the Velcro part is thick, it feels a little difficult to put in, but if you press it with your hand to make it thinner, it will be easier to pass through.


I will move it to the side as it is. If it hits the fabric, lower the charm a little and slide it so that it passes smoothly.


Move it to the desired position and you are done.

For other bags, the part where the charm is attached cannot be removed from the bag, so pass it directly from the top.

If you are worried about the bag getting scratched or find it difficult to attach it, you can easily attach it by inserting an OPP bag or clear file in between.


Sandwich the place where the charm will be placed with an OPP bag.


With your hand holding it down a little to make it thinner, insert the charm from above.


Once the charm is inside, pull out the OPP bag sandwiched between them from the side.

You can put your initials on the LETTERS, and the WORLD CHARM comes in many colorful colors, so it is recommended as an accent for a simple bag.