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Posted on June 23 2020

Today we would like to introduce a loop (MISS BOW) that gives the MISS PLUS a slightly different atmosphere.

MISS PLUS, a popular item from SAVE MY BAG, has interchangeable loops.

If you have bags in different colors, you may be using them by replacing the loops.

For those who are buying this bag for the first time or have a bag, we recommend the MISS BOW loop for replacement.

When you match it with the leopard print, it looks like this☆

The image will be renewed! Reds, of course, but also blues and yellows are wonderful.

This is a popular white color "AVORIO" that is popular all year round and has a blue loop to create a cool atmosphere.

This is a combination of the ever-popular Greige "TURTLE" and the red BOW.


This is a combination of AVORIO and metallic orange "CILE".

This is a product recommended by our staff, BOW, which can transform a single bag into a variety of expressions☆