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A Mother's Day gift

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Posted on April 20 2023

April is almost over.

Mother's Day is next month on May 14th.

SAVE MY BAG is a recommended bag for Mother's Day gifts.

It's so light that you'll forget you're carrying it, and it can be washed by hand, making it perfect for this time of year when we are plagued by pollen and yellow sand.

On the online shop, we will be providing gift bags free of charge to anyone who requests them from Friday, April 21st to Thursday, May 11th at 11:59pm.

*Please add the gift bag to your shopping cart when placing your order.

*One free gift will be given for each bag or pouch purchased.

*A ribbon will be attached as shown in the attached photo. (The color of the ribbon may change. Thank you for your understanding.)

SAVE MY BAG is the perfect Mother's Day gift!