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SHOP open for a limited time

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Posted on April 06 2023


A limited-time shop will open at Namba Parks on Saturday, April 8th.

*The period is scheduled to be 4 months.

This time, it is a very gorgeous store based on pink, which is the image color of SAVE MY BAG.

Please stop by when you are in the area!

Then on the first day of opening, T-SOLE will also be lined up in the store.

T-SOLE CAPPUCCINO S255CAP ¥18,150 (tax included)

This cylindrical bag has an adjustable logo strap and a short chain strap. It is just the right size to fit a long wallet.

I think you can have it in an adult casual atmosphere.

T-SOLE PARADISE ¥18,150 (tax included)

It's cute even if you remove the chain and use it as a body bag!

It will be available in 6 colors.