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Great for traveling and beaches

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Posted on August 04 2022

The Obon holiday is coming soon.

Isn't there a lot of people who are going to travel this year?

Today, we would like to introduce several mini bags "MINI MISS" that are convenient to have on your trip or at the beach.

This bag fits surprisingly well!

Cell phones, glasses, handkerchiefs, mini wallets, etc.

A mini bag that is convenient to have, as you can quickly put your keys and mobile phone in when dining at the hotel.

The strap can be adjusted in length.

MINI MISS COCONUT S234COC ¥11,550 (tax included)

The standard white collar chain will be matte white.

MINI MISS POLLEN S234POL ¥11,550 (tax included)

Yellow is perfect as an accent color for autumn/winter gray and navy outfits.

MINI MISS TAHITI S234TAH ¥11,550 (tax included)

The pink color that just arrived recently The pink color that enhances your femininity

The mini size makes it easy to incorporate into your outfit.

*The chain may be pink depending on when it arrives.

MINI MISS MALIBU S234MBU ¥11,550 (tax included)

Bright blue recommended for this season. Come to the beach♪

MINI MISS CAPPUCCINO S234CAP ¥11,550 (tax included)

Cappuccino color for those who like basic

MINI MISS UNVERSE S234UNV ¥11,550 (tax included)

A purple chain that tickles your sense of style. The combination of navy and purple makes this bag irresistibly cute.

MINI MISS SAFARI S234SAFA ¥12,650 (tax included)

Safari pattern that you want to incorporate into a simple outfit

It is sure that he/she plays an active part in the fall and winter, thing♪

It is a bag that will be appreciated as a gift.