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Posted on July 24 2019

Hello everyone.

The rainy season is about to end, and summer is finally here.

Many of you may already have plans for the Obon holiday.

Well, today I would like to introduce you to the latest bag that is scheduled to arrive in August.

SAVE MY BAG will introduce the first chain bag, BELLA & CLUTCH.

The BELLA series includes "BELLA MAXI", "BELLA MINI" and "BELLA ICONA".

BELLA MAXI ¥15,500~

Size: Width 30 x Height 20 x Depth 11 cm

BELLA MINI ¥12,000~

Size: Width 23 x Height 18 x Depth 8 cm

BELLA ICONA ¥14,500~

Size: Width 26 x Height 18 x Depth 10 cm

BELLA ICONA can be customized to your favorite color by replacing the band (sold separately).

The clutch bag is also new and you can see it ♪

CLUTCH ¥10,500~

Size: Width 26 x Height 18 x Depth 10 cm

You can also replace the band (sold separately) here.

And as some of you may have noticed by looking at this pattern, the previously popular CARTOON pattern is making a comeback as CARTOON 2.0☆

I can't wait to get more and more in stock.

Please wait for a while until the arrival!