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Posted on February 17 2022

We are in the middle of February, and we are entering the graduation season in no time.

Graduation and entrance ceremonies are important milestones for children.

Even so, many people may hesitate to buy a sturdy bag for that day.

We will introduce the recommended bag for such people.


Width 260 x Height 230 x Depth 130mm

A compact bag that can hold the minimum necessary items.

It is just big enough to fit a wallet, mobile phone, and pouch.

A navy bag is the perfect bag for a ceremony. But it's not too tight, so you can wear it with your casual clothes.

UNIVERSE S203UNI / JET BLACK S203JBK from the left

Many people choose bright-colored suits during the entrance season.

For such people, beige bags are recommended in addition to navy.


Width 260 x Height 230 x Depth 130mm

This color is also very popular as it can be used with any outfit♪


I hope the milestone day will be a wonderful day.