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Welcome to the colorful world of SAVE MY BAG JAPAN -SAVE MY BAG Official Mail Order-


What is SAVE MY BAG ?

At first it was a bag conceived to protect (SAVE) Bag , SAVE MY BAG is very unique in its very existence, it has transcended the bag for protection and started to develop as a brand.


The appeal of SAVE MY BAG lies in its contemporary, whimsical, playful and elegant design and construction.


SAVE MY BAG products are made from Italian poly-lycra fabric that is not tested on animals, making it a unique material that is resilient, chic, and very light.

Save My Bag was born in Bergamo, Italy in 2013 .

International success has been achieved by carefully crafting each individual bag in a traditional way using fabrics and hardware produced, designed and manufactured in Italy.

one simple philosophy

In business as life, all processes including design, strategy, marketing and production processes must be done with style and soul.


SAVE MY BAG maintains the brand's unique quality and technology by managing and operating everything from product production to sales.

a World of Fans

With its versatility and easy replacement style, the SAVE MY BAG is perfect for the modern urbanite.

Perfect for the office, weekends and travel , the SAVE MY BAG is the ideal choice to take your day wherever you go.

The functionality and appeal of each individual bag are endless.

SAVE MY BAG bags are loved by fashionistas all over the world, and at the same time, they are a trend among women of the next generation.

SAVE MY BAG is on every fashion-loving woman's wish list, regardless of age, location or purpose.

what is Poly-Fabric with Lycra®?

The SAVE MY BAG fabric is a super soft blend that is lighter than neoprene (synthetic rubber).

We use Italy's premier Lycra to provide a durable and chic bag.

*Registered Design No. 003230358