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Posted on December 20 2018

Hello everyone.

The city is decorated with Christmas lights, and it's the brightest time of the year🎄

Many of you may have already finished preparing Christmas presents and cakes.

Today we would like to introduce a new product [YOGA BAG] that will be appreciated as a gift.

Two colors will be available.

YOGA BAG SAUVAGE ¥20,500+tax

SIZE: W445×H325×D90mm

YOGA BAG AZTEC ¥20,500+tax

SIZE: W445×H325×D90mm

This bag will make you feel better just by holding it.

This is a thin XLIGHT fabric that pursues even more lightness.

The shoulder is adjustable in length and has a pocket on the outside.

It's easy to fold like this, so you can store it compactly when not in use.

This is only available at stores, so please take a look and take a look.

We are looking forward to seeing you again today.