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Posted on March 23 2022

It's still cold in the mornings and evenings, but next month is already April... it's spring!

Many people may be thinking about traveling for one or two nights when the weather warms up.

The recommended bag is "T-MISS WEEKENDER PLUS".

This model was once discontinued, but due to many inquiries from everyone, it has been revived with a new color.

This bag that the staff also has one.

T-MISS WEEKENDER PLUS JET BLACK S202JBK ¥22,550 (tax included)

Staff height: 163 cm

I always use it when traveling

While there are not many travel bags with cute designs, this one is elegant and above all, it is useful because it is light. Women tend to have a lot of luggage even for one night. And it's safe because it opens and closes with a zipper!

I am a long time user.

New colors have arrived this time, so I'm interested in this as well.

T-MISS WEEEKENDER PLUS MALIBU S202MBU ¥22,550 (tax included)

T-MISS WEEKENDER PLUS ZEBRA S202ZEB ¥25,300 (tax included)

It is also popular with men, so you can share it.

It is also a popular bag as a mother's bag.

T-MISS WEENDER PLUS MT.SHADOW (metallic gray) ¥25,300 (tax in)

We are currently inspecting the product, so we will ship it as soon as it is finished.

Regarding directly managed stores, after the inspection is completed, they will be sold over the counter.

Other new items have arrived, so please check them out.