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Posted on May 27 2020

Hello everyone.

Today we would like to introduce TROPEZIENNE, which is active in town and beach.

This bag has a large opening so you can easily store your items. However, since the frontage is wide, many people may think that it will be difficult to find the luggage inside and that it will be cluttered.

For those people, we sell this bag with an inner bag as a set.

You can easily remove this one.

It has a pom-pom on the top and is very cute.

It is also popular as a mother's bag☆

MYKONOS S70MY ¥23,000→¥11,500 50% OFF

PORTOFINO S70POR ¥23,000→¥11,500 50% OFF

SAINT TROPEZ ¥23,000→¥11,500 50% OFF

This is a product with limited stock, so if you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible.