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Posted on June 07 2021

Hello everyone.

New colors of TOTE BAMBOO have arrived today, so I would like to introduce some of them.

The square-shaped tote bag has a stylish atmosphere. The handle is made of bamboo, so it will be an accent to your outfit.

TOTE BAMBOO MILK SMB12MIL ¥22,550 (tax included)

[Size]: Width 390 x Height 350 x Depth 120mm

Eri Otoguro is also active as a model and actress.

The clear white color enhances her transparent atmosphere even more.

TOTE BAMBOO SKY SMB12SKY ¥22,550 (tax included)

[Size]: Width 390 x Height 350 x Depth 120 mm

Blue with an intellectual atmosphere. If you put it in a simple outfit, a sophisticated adult look will be completed in no time.


[Size]: Width 390 x Height 350 x Depth 120mm

The model used by actress Maho Toyota is the Provence series that I would like to recommend the most this season. The design is perfect for adult women.

The animals and plants printed all over are familiar with simple casual outfits.

It will also be a point of monotone coordination.

In addition, new colors such as jeans pattern, pink, and royal blue have appeared.

Basic colors such as black and beige are also available.

Why not make a difference to your usual coordination with a bamboo tote this summer?