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Posted on September 29 2022

New arrivals from Italy for Fall/Winter 2022.

Among them, T-MISSY SUSTAINABLE has received many orders as soon as it arrives.


PRICE: ¥14,850 (tax included)

This MISSY is a size that many people have been waiting for.

It can hold a long wallet ♪ Many people still carry a long wallet even though they are cashless. MINI MISS is small, but it's perfect for those who don't need the size of PETITE MISS.

The fabric is made of sustainable material, and the logo metal fittings are black/gold, giving it a chic atmosphere.

A long wallet fits just right next to it. Of course I have a cell phone.

The handle has a core, so you can hold it in your hand as it is, or you can attach the included chain strap and hang it diagonally.

The chain is the same color as the bag and is matte. (Length: 110cm)

It is also recommended to have different colors with your friends.