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Posted on May 27 2019

Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to introduce the sneakers that are sold only at stores.

Speaking of SAVE MY BAG... it's a light bag, but of course it's not just a bag. These sneakers are so light that you forget you're wearing them♪

It looks like it has a lot of volume, but when you put it on, it has a surprisingly neat design. The heel has a thick sole. Even those who are reluctant to wear sneakers may find it surprisingly easy to incorporate them.

6 types of patterns

LUNA S77LUNA ¥18,000+tax

LEOPARD S77LEO ¥18,000+tax


BAROCCO S77BAC ¥18,000+tax

PYTHON NERO S77PYT ¥18,000+tax

CAMOUFLAGE GREEN S77taxCAG ¥18,000+tax

All of them are wonderful patterns and you will get lost.

This item is only available at directly managed stores.

*Not available online.

Please try it on once at the store.

We are looking forward to your visit.