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FRIDA's size

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Posted on July 29 2021

Reference product: FRIDA MIDI SKY SMB13SKY ¥ 14,850

SMB's new tote bag "FRIDA" has been popular since it appeared this spring.

This is available in 2 sizes, MIDI and MAXI.

Today, I will explain about the size of this item!

MAXI/MIDI from the left

I think it's easier to understand the difference in size if you put them side by side like this.

MAXI is still slightly larger than MIDI

I put an A4 size file in MIDI. It fits, but it feels like the head sticks out a little.

When I put the same file in MAXI,

This one fits perfectly. It is a popular type for those who usually carry documents and as a mother's bag.

It is a tote bag with excellent functionality with an outer pocket for a mobile phone and a double strap.

We currently have a wide variety of colors, so please take a look!