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Posted on February 26 2021

Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to introduce what kind of atmosphere it will be when you switch the ribbons of T-MISS PLUS COCONUT and T-MISS PLUS PEAR!

T-MISS PLUS COCONUT S200COC (white color) ¥14,850 (tax included)

T-MISS PLUS PEAR S200PEA (pear/matcha) ¥14,850 (tax included)

Size: Width 340 x Height 290 x Depth 180mm

Both bags are of course wonderful even if you use them in the usual single color, but just by adding a little bit of other colors to each bag, the atmosphere changes so much and it gives a wonderful impression ♪

You can enjoy T-MSS PLUS in various ways, so it would be nice to get it in different colors with your friends!

This customized bag is scheduled to arrive one by one this weekend as an ONLINE LIMITED product.