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Posted on February 22 2021

Hello everyone.

Today we would like to introduce basic colors that go well with any outfit.

Clockwise from left

T-MISS PLUS ECLAIR S200ECL ¥14,850 (¥13,500 without tax)

T-MISS PLUS COCONUT S200COC ¥14,850 (¥13,500 without tax)

T-MISS PLUS GLOW S200GLO ¥14,850 (¥13,500 without tax)

ECLAIR is a color close to sand color. It does not float in the office, so it can be used regardless of whether it is on or off.

COCONUT is a refreshing white color. I hope you will be active in the future ♪

GLOW may be a little confusing, but it will be a color close to champagne gold. Although it is metallic, it is a bag with an elegant atmosphere without being flashy. This is the most popular color among the 2021 Spring/Summer new arrivals.