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Posted on June 04 2020

Hello everyone.

It's been hot every day. I've been wearing a mask for days, but I'd like to raise my mood with fashion at times like this.

Basket bags will be on the market more often from now on, but of course SAVE MY BAG is also available.

Speaking of SAVE MY BAG basket pattern bag [VIMINI]

If you don't look closely, it's a design that doesn't look like a print.

During this period, it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly after going out, but SAVE MY BAG can be washed by hand, so you can use it in a clean state☆


Size: W250×H210×D150mm

Although it is compact, it is just the right size to fit your wallet, smartphone, makeup tools, etc. The design has a mature and casual atmosphere and can be carried elegantly.

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