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Even in autumn and winter...

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Posted on August 29 2018

Hello everyone.

The summer sale has settled down, and the city is gradually turning into autumn/winter mode...

It's fun to think about what kind of fashion to wear this season.

By the way, the trend colors for 2018AW are hot pink, mustard yellow, and animal patterns.

The above three colors (BEACH PARTY, RABAT, SAUVAGE) have also appeared as new colors from SAVE MY BAG, so please take a look.

Today we would like to introduce the basket pattern VIMINI, which has been very popular since summer.

Many people think that the basket pattern is only for summer, but why not try incorporating it into your autumn and winter coordination this year?

*Images are borrowed.

The woman above is Jane Birkin, who is famous for her white T-shirt and denim.

She incorporates a basket bag into her coordination not only in summer but also in winter 💛

I would like to refer to a woman who can easily wear a simple coordination.



PRINCESS MAXI ï¿¥20,000+tax

*The handle of PRINCESS MAXI is made longer overall, making it easier to carry over the shoulder.

VIMINI pattern straps are also available.

Available at directly managed stores and official online shops.

(MINI is available at the Harajuku store, Herbis Ent store, and online shop)

All the staff are looking forward to your visit.