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Posted on June 08 2020

Hello everyone.

Today we would like to introduce you to a wallet that will make a great gift for Father's Day.

WALLET from left

PYTHON NERO S89PYT ¥13,500 → ¥6,750

CAMOUFLAGE GREEN S89CAG ¥13,000→¥6,500

BAGS REVOLUTION S89BREV ¥13,500 → ¥6,750

BALENA S89BL ¥13,000→¥6,500

[Size]: Width 200 x Height 100 x Depth 30mm

*It is a 50% OFF SALE product.

There is a coin pocket in the center, and a total of 12 cards can be stored. There is also a place to store cards and receipts.

We also have designs for women.

RED COAT S89RC ¥13,000→¥6,500

SAUVAGE S89SAU ¥13,500→¥6,750

LUNA S89LUNA ¥13,000→¥6,500

It's a casual wallet that you can easily carry ♪

Please buy it at a great opportunity.