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Posted on November 16 2020

Hello everyone.

Today we would like to introduce some new colors that will be available from the T series.

T-MISS PLUS BLUSH S200BLU ¥13,500+tax

[Size]: Width 340 x Height 290 x Depth 180mm

Brick-colored BLUSH is an excellent color that goes well with clothes. It's easy to use because it's familiar with the skin.

Colors that are particularly easy to match are white, navy (which goes well with denim), beige, black, gray, and silver.

It is a color that can be used regardless of the season.

T-MISS PLUS COBALT S200COB ¥13,500+tax

[Size]: Width 340 x Height 290 x Depth 180mm

 Bright cobalt blue that wakes you up. It will give you a mature impression with a sense of class. It is a color that can be worn in both a casual atmosphere and a formal atmosphere. Perfect for adult girls!

T-MISS PLUS IRIS S200IRI ¥13,500+tax

[Size]: Width 340 x Height 290 x Depth 180mm

As the name suggests, IRIS (flower called iris) color is bright purple. In the fall and winter of 2020, purple is attracting attention as a trend color, and it gives a feminine look even with casual outfits.

Even for those who find it difficult to wear clothes because it leaves a strong impression, you can easily incorporate it into your coordination with accessories♪

The shipment is scheduled for the end of this month.

Please look forward to it.