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New work『AQUA』✥

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Posted on February 14 2019

Hello everyone.

It's still cold every day, but the window of the shop on the street corner already looks like spring and summer.

Spring new works will also appear from SAVE MY BAG ♪

Today we would like to introduce you to our new products.

Product Details

MISS PLUS AQUA S88AQU ¥25,000+tax



*MAXI HEART and MIDI HEART use red and silver reversible

SAVE MY BAG is the first PVC material bag.

PVC material bags have been popular since last year, and various brands will release them this spring.

This is a must-have bag for this season with excellent functionality, with an inner bag and a zipper closure at the top.

It is a wonderful bag that I would like you to obtain.

It is scheduled to arrive in late February.

looking forward to!