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Posted on January 18 2019

Hello everyone.

Thank you for visiting our official blog.

It's still cold days, but isn't everyone's body broken?

I can't wait for the arrival of spring these days.

New product announcement today.

A new design has been announced from SAVE MY BAG★

This time, we would like to introduce the camouflage pattern and the python pattern.

The CAMOUFLAGE GREEN pattern is a popular print for both men and women. By mixing geometric patterns with the standard camouflage pattern, it has a fresh atmosphere.

Standard PRINCESS MIDI, MISS PLUS, larger PRINCESS MAXI, and BACK PACK will also be available.

And what a gorgeous PYTHON ROSE (python rose)

PYTHON NERO gave a chic impression, but I think this PYTHON ROSE will take your spring/summer coordination to the next level!

This item will be available from mid-February to late February.

Please look forward to it!