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Posted on November 21 2018

Hello everyone.

The mornings and evenings are getting colder and colder these days. A carpet of fallen leaves is created outside, and you just want to walk on it. It seems that such a season will pass in the blink of an eye.

The air is dry, so please be careful not to hurt your throat.

Well, today I would like to introduce the products that arrived the other day.

WORLD CHARM on the bottom row, until now it was only available in TOKYO and OSAKA colors, but this time it arrived in other cities as well!

WORLD CHARM ¥2,800+tax each

MILANO, MEXICO, KUALA LUMPUR, SYDNEY, etc. We have a variety of colorful charms.

If your bag is a basic color, why not add a little accent with this charm? I think the atmosphere will change dramatically☆

*This item is only available at stores.

In addition to that, the long-awaited animal print has arrived.

This bag is made to look like real leather. Of course, it is a Lycra material. Although it has an animal pattern, it has a very elegant atmosphere, so it won't be flashy, and I think it will blend in well with your usual coordination.

A matching strap is also available. Of course it's nice to have it with a bag, but it's nice to have it in combination with other colors!

I'm sure it will play an active role in the coming season.

We are looking forward to seeing you again today.