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Standard color ☆ KAKI (khaki)

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Posted on July 24 2018


Thank you for visiting the SAVE MY BAG blog.

Today we would like to introduce the popular standard color KAKI following white and greige♪

from left

BACK PACK KAKI S56KA ¥22,500+tax

PRINCIPE KAKI S27KA ¥18,000+tax

Speaking of khaki, baker pants have been popular since last year, but it is also highly recommended to incorporate it into a bag.

Khaki has many colors that are easy to match, and it is a color that is easy to coordinate.

For reference below💛

Khaki x White for a clean image

Khaki x Navy For a calm and elegant image

Khaki x Beige Brown For a natural image

Khaki x Black Cool casual atmosphere

Khaki x Gray A combination that enhances fashion

Khaki x pink for a feminine look

Khaki x Denim A combination that is easy to incorporate even for khaki beginners

Of course, it can also be used by men, so it can be used as a gift.

You will be pleased♪