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Posted on September 13 2018

Hello everyone.

Thank you for visiting our official blog.

This week, next week and three consecutive holidays will continue. The weather is getting better and many people are going out.

Fruit picking (grapes, apples, pears) seems to be fun at this time of year.

There are many kinds of grapes in particular!

Shine Muscat, Pione, Seto Giants, Kyoho grapes, etc.

Everything is delicious and be careful not to eat too much (^ ^)

Well, today I would like to introduce the skull pattern 《CALAVERAS AZUL》, which has never been seen before!


There are many products with skull motifs from various brands.

All of them are supported by many people, and when a famous entertainer wears them, they become popular all at once.
And not only men, but also women are hotly supported.

From SAVE MY BAG this time, instead of monotone, a skull with exquisite colors with colorful flowers has appeared.

There are many people who are attracted to this color even in stores.

This bag is also recommended for those who want to make it a little harder than usual!