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Insta live held

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Posted on June 17 2021

Announcement of the 2nd Insta Live

We held our first live show in December last year, and the response was so great that we received many requests to go again♪

There are such voices, and we will hold the second time on June 27th this month! !

The guest this time is Eri Otoguro, who is so cute and adorable that you wouldn't think she's a mom♥

The place is scheduled to be at 20:00 at the Ginza HINKA RINKA store, which has been renewed for a limited time.

*There is a possibility that it will start at 21:00. We will notify you of any changes.

The products introduced this time are mainly the new TOTE BAMBOO and LIMITED EDITION

There may be other wonderful news, so please take a look!