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A compact bag that can hold the bare necessities. S size

Starting from February 1st, the bag will be sold separately and the strap will be sold separately.

It is just the right size to fit a wallet, cell phone, and pouch. Double zipper closure and outer pocket. (Please use the strap through the loop, not the ribbon.) Comes with a strap of the same color.

* Ribbon belt can be replaced


[Size]: Width 260 x Height 230 x Depth 130 mm

Weight: 210g (bag only)

[Accessories]: Instruction manual *Included only with authorized dealers

[Country of Origin]: Italy

*Patterned items may have a different design than the image.

*The color may vary slightly depending on the time of arrival.

*Do not thread the strap directly through the ribbon string. Be sure to attach it to the loop. (This may cause the fabric to peel off.)

⇀Check here for where to attach the strap

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*The outer fabric of all products is Poly-Fabric with Lycra® (50% polystyrene, 40% polyamide, 10% polyurethane). This material has excellent elasticity and is resistant to deformation.

*The above image is a sample image. (It may differ from the product you ordered.)

*There may be creases due to importing from overseas and storing in a warehouse. These will decrease over time with use. Thank you for your understanding.

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